Friday, July 16, 2010

Things to do in Zentai (part II)

Remember when I thought about things to do while wearing a Zentai?

The guys in the Facebook's Morphsuits group have done many wonderful things (except getting the name of the suit right). Here's what they have been up to:

Skiing, Playing guitar, Playing pool, DJ'ing, Riding a bicycle, Riding a unicycle, Running, Sailing, Visiting the great wall of China, Waterskiing, Riding a waterjet, Playing vuvuzelas, Visiting North Pole, Bowling, Cliffjumping, Riding bumpercars, Playing xbox, Playing drums, Rowing, Jumping hurdles, Rock climbing, Jumping bungee jumps, Shopping, Vacuuming, Sunbathing, Lifting weights, Running around in a soccer match, Pole dancing, Playing cello, Going to school, Snowboarding, Swimming, Jumping on a trampoline... Is there anything they haven't done yet?

PS. You can find me on Facebook by the name "Lycra Zen Tai"

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Anonymous said...

Zentai is cool