Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is this an unofficial Zentai - erm. morph suit - record?

71 people playing dodgeball wearing zentai.

This "morphsuit" phenomena has really exploded... take a look at the morphsuit Facebook gallery, hundreds of people wearing zentai, mostly in public.


PB said...

Cool video, but I have yet to hear a good thing about those "morphsuits"

Hamish said...

I think it is definitely taking off I've started seeing morph suits in the news regarding the World Cup; as well as seeing a group of guys in suits at an outdoor event recently.

It's definitely gaining popularity as a fun suit.

Anonymous said...

hi,I just upload some pics of avatar zentai,come and see:

dining table said...

I don' wear suit like that. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. But after watching that video. I think wearing that kind of outfit in that very fun game is going to nice.