Friday, December 15, 2006

Things do do in Zentai

Give your friends a call, they will love to hear your voice. Photo: Suya-Zentai

So, now you have zipped up in your suit and you are all tight and shiny... what's next?
If you don't just want to lounge or play with yourself here are some ideas of thing you can do inside your apartment or house:

Thigs do do alone:
  • Easy chores that can be done with limited visibility, like cleaning the dishes or vacuum clean
  • Watch a whole movie, preferably one you have seen already. Just have a screen big enough (or sit close) to get the enjoyment.
  • Excercise. A exercise bike would be great, but even some crunches and light dumbells would be ok (you don't want to rip your gloves or be transported to a hospital after an injury wearing zentai)
  • Sing, play instruments (many instruments have some glove related limitations, but not all)
  • Meditation/yoga/stretching
  • Listen to music. A nice idea would be to put some earbuds under your hood
  • If you like the music, why not dance?
  • Have a nap. We all need sleep
  • Read & surf the web. Right. You can read if you have hood thin enough end use computer screen for reading (adjust the font size to be big enough)
  • Have a bath or a shower. Cleanliness is important
  • Make or answer some phone calls. Try to act normal :)
  • Dictate. Make notes of your thoughts, may they be an idea for a new book or a grocery list.
  • Self Bondage. Make your a little helpless by yourself. Be careful!
  • Make art. How would a painting made while wearing a zentai look to the naked eye?

You don't have to be a great singer, in zentai everybody sounds great. Photo: Marcy Anarchy(?)

Things to do with a partner:
  • Give or receive a massage
  • Bondage games
  • have sex (of course!)
  • Photographing or filming on video eachother
  • Playing cards (there is special cards available for us zentai-ists)
  • Have a meaningful conversation

Getting your chores done while wearing your favorite zentai - what could be better?

M0re ideas and comments welcome!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, You made a row of very great proposals. Very great is the hint about cards destined for people with less visibility.

But bothered me the point, that all these proposals are pointing activities inside. Why stay in the house, when the sun is laughting to You? Or otherwise, why lose time outside Your suit?

So lets have a great time together in a city with open minded people around and playing with them.