Friday, December 15, 2006

Sleeping in Zentai (part I)

This image is from, they sell zentai suits, but also zentai bedsheets, pillowcases and such - for the slippery dreamers.

Here are some of the problems that I have encountered when I have tried to sleep wearing a lycra hood:

Nose hurts
Hoods tend to press the nose quite a bit and as bad as the pressure is the friction that propably could even cause blisters on one's nose.
Possible solutions: a more loose-fitting hood of thinner and more elastic fabric. A rubber(?) piece that could be inserted in the nostrils, with tubes for breathing (no idea where one could be obtained). An anatomically sewn hood would be great if it didn't leave seam marks on the face.

Too much excitement

I get quite excited when I put on a hood. It just gets worse (or better, if you like) if I add a blindfold and earplugs. A Zentai will propably excite me even much more, it's really difficult to fall asleep when you are all excited. If I ejaculate before trying to sleep or while wearing the hood (hoping to get sleep later without taking the hood off in between) everything just starts to feel too silly and I have to remove the hood.
Possible solutions: Being dead-tired before even trying, exercise. Very light usage of alcohol. Ejaculating a hour before sleeping or so. I would also like to have a speaking clock(!) so I could check the time when I'm blindfolded.

Even if the hood would be easy to breathe trough while you are awake, I think that te brain still notices that the breathing is a bit heavier than normal and wakes me up.
Possible solutions: holes in my hood is a big no-no, so again: thinner fabric. I have noticed that breathing hard for a minute against a pillow will make breathing trough the zentai feel like a fresh breeze. But just for a moment.

There's something on my face!
I think humans have an instinct to wake up if something is over their face, or at least they are trying to remove it. If I have tried to sleep with an easily removable hood and managed to fall asleep, I have many times removed the hood while sleeping.
Possible solutions: Loose-fitting hood, thin and elastic fabric. A hood that is hard to remove without being awake (see the leotard zentai in my previous post). Wearing bondage mittens or such to make the removal of the hood more difficult.

Sometimes I drool when i sleep. Normally without a hood I feel the drool and just turn the other way around in my sleep. But when I drool wearing a hood turning will not help and I will wake up all yucky.
Possible solutions: I can't think of any such that could still allow opening my mouth normally.

There must be some other problems that I can't remember just now...


firepwner said...
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sarahNZ said...

I love to sleep in my zentai and I will agree whole heartedly that the addition of a blind fold and earplugs make the night that much more enjoyable :) (no holes in my hood either) But being on the submissive side I have added some rings to the zippers and padlock the zips to my posture collar to make escape a non reality unless my darling mistress lets me out. I have even gone as far as to add a harness gag underneath some nights.

There is no better feeling than being completely encased from head to toe and all between especially if you don't hold the key to get out:)

first zentai said...

I tried many times but failed to asleep. My zentai cloth is little thicker so main problem in breathing and other one is Nose. But still trying to do that. I hope one day I will get up in the morning covered with hood.

Nasir DZ said...

For sleeping with zentai is great and also earplugs will be helpful
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