Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New suit!

So, I got curious and bought a cheap suit from ebay. Brown? - well, the color just sorta happened :)

Here is quick pros and cons of this suit:


  • Better tailored than I expected. I took a risk and ordered a size smaller than recommended (my height and weight were just above L size, but I still ordered L). Only the arms are a bit too short.
  • The Hood doesn't have the annoying chin seam that for example Dhya suits have
  • Crotch zipper: good for toilet breaks and other activities :)
  • Separated toes: The feeling is quite different from the feel of regular "stocking" feet
  • The thickness of the fabric is just perfect. It's thin compared to Dhya, but this one is more transparent to see trough and easier on the nose, but still thick enough to keep the wearer anonymous.

  • The zipper is quite long + the crotch zipper makes this suit quite unflexible.
  • Seam quality? Might have to do more with the flexibility, but I already had some popping sounds when I sat down (couldn't find any damage tho'
  • The suit smelled very bad at first, but after a wash the smell got down to an acceptable level.
  • Zipper quality? There are letters YKK on the zipper, but I think it might be just a chinese pirated copy, the zipper doesn't move as easily as in my Dhya suits. Tha crotch zipper is total junk.
  • Separated toes: it takes some time to put toes in their places, this suit is not for the ones in a hurry
  • Crotch zipper: I prefer the look of a zipperless crotch, and the zipper takes also away some of the flexibility. It's a double-edged sword...
  • The legs have seams on the outside of the legs. I don't like the look, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be.
I think this is a suit of a lesser quality than Dhya, but has still some advantages. I don't think this suit will be as long lifed as Dhya's, but you get three of these at the same price. (Oh, did I alredy tell you I have ordered two more suits already, this starts to feel like some sort of an addiction :))


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