Monday, December 18, 2006

Blue Leotard Zentai

Now I have also tested my leotard zentai. The fabric is more elastic and more slippery than the wetlook II. Because there is no zipper in the back, this suit is unbelievably comfortable and flexible. And there is no great strain in the crotch area, just enough to keep things well packed :)
And you can have a toilet break without removing the hood or gloves. I think a leotard zentai would make a better pajamas than a regular zentai would.

The feeling of enclosure is somewhat different from a "regular" zentai, I don't know if it's more intense or not, just different.

I don't like the "girly" look of the bottom, but if you are alone and using a mirror you really can't see any difference to a regular suit.

The tights are also very comfortable, I wish I could use them for daily underwear when it's winter and cold, but they are a bit too expensive for that.

Look! No zipper!

One thing that I didn't really realize before I had my first zentai how warm a zentai is. Why is a zentai so warm? Is it because the compression of the fabric or the fact that skin isn't in contact with air?


Lizardtoo said...

Your blue leotard zentai looks great! I don't think the bottom looks girley at all. I am going to buy one like this soon. I like the look of the zipless back. Have you encountered any problems with the snaps?

zentailifestyle said...

The ziplesss back is totally great, it flexes and you don't feel the zipper bothering you when you for instance lye on your back.

The only thing a bit difficult with the snaps can be fastening then with gloved hands, especially difficult is it with double (or triple) gloves. But with a little practice and patience it's not too much of a problem.

I think leotard suit is still easier to put on than a suit with back zipper

lycramonkey said...

I think you'll find that the coated wet look suits are a lot warmer than normal lycra. Also I know it relates to the other post, but the pics of you in the black suit on the bed are excellent!

zentailifestyle said...

Thanks for your comments, I have already noticed that it gets quite hot in the wetlook suit if I move around a lot. The regular lycra suit is more stretchy and comfortable too, but can't beat the looks of wetlook :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I ordered my third leotard at DHYA now. As You reported yet, these suits are advantageous: the feeling of unlimited stretchability, the lack of problems getting the hairs caught by the hood-zipper and last but not least, the zipper doesn´t destroy the sight of the back. That was my point, when I ordered my printed suits: they´d to look same great in front as at the backside. Now I´m taking these suits also as unitards.

Some of You guys may think, that these suits are less practical, I wouldn´t agree. I choised my zipless leopard-printed leotard for a walkaround done alone in october last year in Mainz (the capital of the neighbourgh federal country). The visibility in this suit is so great, that´s possible even to adjust the tripod using it´s little waterlevel.


zentai fan said...

Your zentai looks great! I really like it.

Anonymous said...

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