Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New sleeping "problem"

Last night I had had a great time. I was in my blue leotard zentai, again in my sleeping bag. And I slept for many hours... In the morning I noticed a new problem: the outside world felt cold, hard and not at all tempting compared to my warm, smooth and soft cocoon. I really had to gain my strength to remove my suit...

One of the finest things when sleeping with zentai is the moment in the evening when I suddenly stop noticing the hood (if the hood is loose and soft enough). Somehow I just forget about it, at least on some level. The hood becomes a part of my own skin. And I miss that extra skin of mine in the morning when it's gone.

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Sczentai said...

Agree with you on waking up in Zentai. After being all nice and snug and warm, it's horrible having to get up on the cold mornings..

Winter's not a great time for Zentai, Summer however is a different kettle of fish..