Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stop smoking - start wearing zentai

(EDIT: So the news and the whole site is a parody/hoax, that seems so obvious now. Maybe I wished it to be true so had that I didn't get the joke...)

"A rural Chinese county announced Monday it had reversed a rule urging its officials to smoke a certain number of local cigarettes to boost tax income. Instead, officials will be asked to purchase zentai suits from a local manufacturer." Full story here>

"officials will now be required to purchase one zentai suit for each family member over the age of eighteen from the Gongan Zentai Trading Company."

What a crazy world - and in the same time I think about a chinese village where everyone is dressed in Zentai :)

Thanks to L. Cat for providing this link


Eric said...

Whatever it takes to spread the word about zentai!

smith said...

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