Sunday, November 4, 2007

Zentai "art" ?

First I got delighted when I saw these drawings by dutch artist Anneke Eussen, but soon I thought I had seen the same images before. Then I remembered I had seen them at Zentai Woman. I hope she have permission to use the images as sources, otherwise it's just...well, plagiarism.


A.E. said...

Hi There!
Thanks for posting my image on your blog! I just found it today. I understand your comment about the pictures. But I don´t agree, I don´t claim the images to be mine. In my concept about this series it was mentioned that they are Internet-images. Regarding this work there were two reasons for me to transform them in to colour-pencil drawings . First I am fascinated about this way of self exposure, I respect and celebrate individual expression. I am sad that you see this as plagiarism. For me it is an artistic interpretation of our "over saturated Image world".My drawings are portraits that in a way Honor the courage of the unknown person. The second reason is that by changing the context. I try in my work to widen the horizon of interpretation. Fascinations shouldn't´t be bound to borders or restricted to certain groups. Zentai suits inspire my sculptures a lot. The smooth line, the silhouettes the clear shape....are so close to how I feel sculpture in a traditional way....The second skin series (as the drawings are called) are part of a bigger series of work that I did about anonymous existence. I like to play with crossover topics in my work. I am happy to be inspired every day. Sorry if I offended anyone with my interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Well the least thing to do is to mention the source of the original ... crappy drawings really, and poor concept, compared to the original. Hopefully they will sue you.