Thursday, June 21, 2007

Marcy's crazy pattern

Photo: Marcy Anarchy (

I stumbled upon this pattern in Marcy's gallery. (Blue Checkers Zentai in Miho 01-03) and thought that this pattern is totally weird. It breaks the human shape into a very bizarre sight. Nice or scary?


Satenska said...

Decidedly nice!

covershots said...

Geometric patterns can bring out the curves of the body. But not in this case. Here the pattern itself is curvy, giving a 3D effect. Perhaps it gives the illusion that the suit fits more closely than it actually does. It would be nice to see a similar fine pattern but without the 3D effect.

maantas said...

hahahahhah that was sooooo funny,
I am sorry but for i first second i looked at the image i was sure its a human model generated in computer.
the reason why, is becouse in 3d programs this (well very simmilar patern) is used before textures (for simplicity lets say colors and small details) on 3d model are applied, they apply similar patern (just to see some defects in uv mapping)
it doesnt matter what it means but u can just have a look at the buttom of the page, the images: