Friday, March 16, 2007

BANG - You're dead!!!

I was propably thinking I was a cool supercop/terminator whatever :)

Don't worry - it's just a toy gun.


Anonymous said...

Treezentai here.. love the new suits. They fit you quite well, did you make any adjustments?

See you over at Suya!!

zentailifestyle said...

Hi Treezentai! I haven't done any adjustments, the secret is that my suits are justa a bit too small, I'm about 6ft tall, and the suits are size L. Since I have small hands and feet that's not a problem. This blue metallic one is a bit too small because it doesn't strecth too good, I wish the legs were just a bit longer.

There is differences between different ebay sellers, for example different lengths of zippers and different tailorings of the hood.