Friday, February 16, 2007

Seeing red

Okay, one more suit from a chinese ebay seller.


  • Quite good fit. Longer arms than in my brown china suits makes this one fit a bit better
  • Thin, stretchy, smooth and shiny fabric. Comfortable to wear.
  • Shorter zipper than in my brown china suit, makes the suit stretchier in the back
  • Cheap! I paid about 20 euros for this one (including mail)

  • Some issues in the quality if sewing, no seams have popped but the gloves seems to have bee sewn in a hurry
  • Small stain in the back of the hood, most likely oil from the sewing machine
  • The "unisex" zipper in the crotch is so short and located too low for a man. (It's possible to be used with some effort tho' )

This is craziness, I got my first zentai in december, and now I have five already :)

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